Thursday, June 13, 2013

engagement shoot

Apparently, one of the steps to being engaged is setting up an engagement photo shoot.  Ryan's college buddy, Lech, has a photography side business, Lech Naumovich Photography.  He is so talented and very, graciously, offered to do our engagement photos.

We snapped a few silly inside shots, but wanted to spend time outside in our favorite park, and on our bikes.


First stop, Kite Hill.  I love this tiny park.  It offers views of Twin Peaks and the city.  You can even see the roof of our building.  The day of our shoot happened to be unusually hot in the city, but Kite Hill didn't get the message.  It was windy and chilly way up on top of the city.  So windy, that we eventually had to abandon ship, but not before we got a few great shots.

We traded wind for our next supporting character, bikes.  Even Lech was on a bike.  We rolled out to Duboce Park.  Our original plan was to head to Golden Gate Park, but it was getting late.  We needed an open sky and a close location to make the most of the fading daylight.

Lech was patient, thoughtful, and creative with our shoot.  He was happy to make stops along the way to our locations, and was ready to improvise.  If you're looking for someone to shoot your wedding or engagement pictures, Lech is definitely your guy.


  1. And you two are so dang cute! Luv from the East Bay

  2. Kate!! Great pics. are so beautiful!!! Congrats too!!!

  3. These are so great! They are so you guys and very San Fran!